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The FlowTeam-Method is based on principles of self-organization found in the sciences of complex systems and chaos theory. It was developed by the physicist and management consultant Martin Gerber. This methodology allows teams to work more effectively and efficiently together. The FlowTeam-Method approach to organizational development can improve the results of the teams in your workplace or community.
The FlowTeam-Method is a set of tools for unleashing the collective intelligenceof a work team. It generates a patternof enhanced productivity, innovation and problem-solving in a context of extraordinary teamwork and morale. 'Flow' is progressively realized through applying natural principles derived from systems science-initially with the support of experienced coaches and later by the work organization alone in aself-sufficient manner."

If you are

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  • a senior manager
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  • 1 FlowTeam Cooperation
    Promotional executive summery
    9 Objections and frequently asked questions
    2 Martin Gerber, Founder, CEO
    FlowTeam Corporation:
    Tools for Real Teams!
    10 In-depth background:
    3 Something you know very well:
    The perfect meeting
    11 FlowStyle-Congress Design
    4 From conventional meetings to
    effectivity and efficiency
    12 FlowTeam-Design: Results and
    5 Overview of the FlowTeam-Method 13 Isomorphies for IT-/
    6 The atmosphere of a FlowTeam meeting 14 Object-Oriented IT-Design and new
    challenges: FlowTeam needed!
    7 Essay from a child    
    8 The 12 FocusAreas of
    FlowTeamDesign, short summery
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